Towering Accomplishment

The Snell Acoustics Illusion reference tower loudspeaker represents the crowning achievement of Dr. Joseph D’Appolito, one of the world’s most famous and respected speaker designers. Evidence of D’Appolito’s international acclaim can be found right on the front of the speaker itself—its arrangement of two midrange drivers flanking a single tweeter has for decades been referred to as a “D’Appolito array.” The ,000-per-pair speaker features what Snell calls “continuously variable cabinet geometry,” a curved shape that not only lends the speaker elegant, almost organic lines, but also reduces unwanted resonances inside the speaker cabinet. Each Illusion is individually calibrated to a tolerance of plus or minus .5 decibels, a manufacturing consistency achieved only in the world’s finest speakers. Snell offers the Illusion in a standard finish of high-gloss black under multiple coats of hand-rubbed lacquer. However, the company is known for its willingness to create custom wood veneer or painted finishes to suit any need. (978.538.6262,

Brent Butterworth

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