Know the Score

For a baseball fanatic, only a natural disaster could be less welcome than being pulled away from the TV when the home team is playing. With the Liveboard, baseball fans can keep track of the big game regardless of distractions. The 9 Liveboard uses Bluetooth wireless technology to pull up-to-the-minute data from an Internet-connected Windows or Mac computer up to 60 feet away. An alphanumeric display shows the home cities of the teams and the current score, while lights count balls, strikes, and outs, and also indicate which bases currently host runners. The unit can be set to show scores during your home team’s games only; to show scores of other teams when yours is not playing; and to cycle through the scores of all major-league teams currently playing. No data fees are required. Fittingly, the Liveboard’s chassis is crafted from white ash—the same wood used to make baseball bats. (877.320.9649,

Brent Butterworth

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