Stretching Sound

Streaming MP3 music from a computer to multiple rooms of your home is easy—except that it requires a computer. Until now. With the Philips Streamium Wireless Music Center, no computer is necessary. Slide in a CD and the Streamium copies it onto its internal hard drive. From there, it can be played on the base station or on as many as five wireless extension units in other rooms. Color display screens on the base station and extension units allow easy browsing of your music collection by artist, genre, album, and song title. The screens also allow access to full-color album art and Internet radio stations. In the base stations and the extensions, Philips’ Super Sound Panel speaker technology delivers midrange and treble frequencies right through the units’ transparent front panels, and a woofer provides extra bass. A single base station with one extension unit retails for 9; additional extension units are 9 each. (888.PHILIPS,

Brent Butterworth

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