SimCrafts’ highly realistic Apex racing simulators coming to CES


It’s time to close the doors once again to the real world and enter the virtual world of racing with SimCraft’s racing simulators. The APEX SC830 and APEX SC320 are patent-pending, military-grade simulators that promise to enrich you with the ultimate thrill of virtual racing. These two will impress everyone, from the professional racer to the gaming enthusiast. The APEX SC320 features a custom USB plug-and-play hardware interface, high-fidelity motion actuators and knuckles, smart cockpit design and a super-strong, lightweight tubular aluminum framework in a small form factor. The APEX SC320 has been created for the hardcore gamer and offers two degrees of freedom (roll 20°/pitch 20°). On the other hand, the APEX SC830 is designed for the training of professional racers and offers three degrees of freedom (roll 40°/pitch 25°/yaw 40°).


These two simulators claim to drop you into a virtual experience unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. But note that SimCraft’s racing simulators are virtually sound-free, and that leaves us a bit depressed. Anyway, SimCraft’s patent-pending racing simulators will be showcased at the 2009 International CES show in Las Vegas.


Via: BallerHouse

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