Make your own beer with the NanoBrewMaster


If you love to make your own wine, you have the WinePod, and if you love to make your own beer, you better consider the NanoBrewMaster. The all-in-one brewing device brews, ferments and chills and then serves the fresh ice-cold beer on tap. Compact and mobile, the NanoBrewMaster comes with an on-board computer that regulates and monitors the introduction of hops, yeast, water and extract. The machine has the ability to brew 15 gallons or two 7.5 gallon batches at once. The NanoBrewMaster is the same height as a kitchen counter and measures roughly two feet wide by eight feet long. Above everything, it is self-cleaning. Pricing for the NanoBrewMaster will depend on the customer’s custom configuration.

Via: ClipSpringer

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