Continental Mobiles brings iPhone 3G in sapphires and diamonds


Continental Mobiles, the premier online boutique for luxury goods, has previously shown us the 3G iPhone decked with rubies and diamonds, one festooned with black diamonds and the other set in emeralds and VS1 quality diamonds. This time, they are offering the Apple iPhone 3G in sapphires and diamonds. Hand tailored in England, this creation looks simply luxurious and inviting with the beauty and magnificence of the sapphire. This gem comes in a striking combination of blue shades, from the deep blue of the evening sky to the shining mid-blue of a summer day. Done with velvet blue sapphires, the iPhone looks to be one of the most iconic and coveted phones ever envisioned. These precious stones take pride on jazzing up the borders of the iPhone. The Apple iPhone 3G in sapphires and diamonds will set you back a cool £3199 (approximately US ,776).


Thanks Continental Mobiles

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