Introducing the blinged phones by Exclusive Me

excluisve me phones

For those who want to stand out from the ordinary, gold and diamond covered handsets may be the just right thing. A firm called Exclusive Me is offering exceptional pieces of luxury, striving to satisfy all your demands in your personal choice of gold, leather and diamonds. They cover your phone with gold, leather and high-quality diamonds. The handmade cases are done in 18k pure gold. Exclusive Me strives for perfection in every single detail. The phones can be had in your personal choice of gold – yellow, red, white or black. Flawless diamonds are used in the making, which are nothing less than VVS grading. The leather options include regular calfskin or reptile leather, durable leather like ostrich and exotic skins like sea snake and sting ray. They have a series of exclusive phones tailor-made to suit your personal business. Pricing remains a mystery, but that will be certainly sky-high, depending on the materials used and customization.

Via: Exclusive Me

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