Hit the woods in nature’s style with the eco-capsule

rollingstone 2
Luxury campers with blossoming eco-consciousness would not mind switching away from Airstream luxuries to the decent eco-capsule for their next adventure trip in the woods. Nice Architect’s Rolling Stone concept is part gypsy wagon, part RV trailer traveling capsule with aerodynamic lines and igloo looks. Each unit runs 270 sq feet and is designed to accommodate two people comfortably, and six people at the most. The insides feature a bedroom with a double bed and closet, a bathroom with a toilet, shower and sink, and a living room with a kitchenette. The units are designed to survive on their own and are equipped with either a solar system or wind turbine mounted on top. Below the floor of the unit are two reservoirs for clean water and gray water, which can be used for toilet flushing. A composting toilet takes care of solid waste, and an electric heater provides both heat for the unit and hot water. The eco-capsule is constructed from locally sourced wood and OSB panels. No word on price is yet available as this is in concept stages, but is clearly awaited.

Via: Ecofriend/Inhabitat

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