Changes For Import of Jamon Iberico Ham

Fans of the uniquely delectable Spanish hams might want to stock up on the traditional bone-in jamon Iberico de bellota because a change is afoot. The hams are made from the hind legs and traditionally presented with the black hoof attached but U.S. government regulations are putting an end to that. The hams have only recently been allowed to be imported from Spain. The hoof violates a U.S. Department of Agriculture sanitary rule which also applies to domestic meat that is designed to reduce the risk of contamination.

LaTienda, an online retailer of Spanish wine and food, is selling hams that they have already imported with the foot attached for around ,395 for a 15-pound ham. Another reason to buy now is a new tax that goes into effect on April 23. The tax is 100 percent on cured Spanish hams shipped with the bone.

The AP quotes Jonathan Harris, co-owner of as saying the ham won’t be the same without the hoof. The ham is made from pampered free range pigs each given an acre of space and fed a diet of acorns. The jamon Iberico is considered to be the most delicious ham with a rich flavor and silken mouthfeel.

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