BUBENZORWEG shows masterpieces of craftsmanship at Baselworld

objects of time

Passionate lovers of fine timepieces love complications that lend a clock the flair of uniqueness. The house of BUBEN&ZORWEG, guarantor of bold innovations for the passionate watch collectors, presented its new, future-oriented masterpieces of craftsmanship at Baselworld 2009. A passionate desire for innovation, elite design and an uncompromising commitment to perfection have made the House of BUBEN&ZORWEG a top address for lovers of fine timepieces. Harald Buben of BUBEN&ZORWEG said that the basic concept behind the “Objects of Time” is to address all the senses and to provide a befitting ambience for time in its most beautiful form. Some of the highlights from BUBEN&ZORWEG presented at the Baselworld 2009 include the Vanguard, Orbit Tourbillon, Phantom, The Treasury and the X-007. Hit the jump to see excerpts from the press release.

Vanguard: Everything that quickens the pulse of the passionate collector is reflected in concentrated form by the clear, classic lines of this masterpiece. Finest mahogany and exquisite Italian leather are crafted to perfection, whilst applications of non-corrosive stainless steel set striking notes. The VANGUARD is crowned by a fine timepeiece from the House of BUBEN&ZORWEG. It features precision mechanical clock and 500 hours of successful Excellence Control has a power reserve of 8 days. Available models are the 36 Time Mover and the 16 Time Mover. Other salient features include a bar and a humidor, an optional digital security lock, LED lighting and enough room for valuable jewellery and irreplaceable documents.

Orbit Tourbillon: The Orbit Tourbillon is an innovative and outstanding achievement that sets a new milestone in the development of fime timepecies and is initially restricted to limited series of Objets de Temps I and II. The movement complications are located at the outer end of the minute hand and shows the beholder the precise time. The minute hand carries the Orbit Tourbillion once around the entire dial in the course of one hour, whilst the horological masterpiece completes one revolution around its own axis every minute. A passionate commitment to perfection and innovation incorporated in the Orbit Tourbillion has once again pushed the boundaries of technological feasibility and has redefined the qualities any real masterpiece of craftsmanship simply must have.

Phantom: The Phantom 4 and Phantom 8 are equipped with either four or eight Time Mover units. The masterpiece features a mechanical opening system and reliable security lock. The polished or brushed aluminium with side panels in exquisite leather or precious wood make the Phantom an eye-catching object.

The Treasury: This range includes Time Mover modules for 4 or 16 watches, a bar, a humidor, a module for presenting red wines, an alarm system, a central control unit, a hi-fi stereo system and a storage unit for more than 30 watches and a jewellery cassette

X-007: The safe X-007 represents an innovative combination of high security and elegant design. Its specially developed opening system is ideal for presenting any unique collection. The high-security safe protects Time Mover units for 29 watches and offers room for jewellery and documents. A digital security lock allows maximum protection.

These stunning masterpieces from the house of BUBEN&ZORWEG clearly show how well the company understands and shares the passion of lovers of fine timepieces.

Thanks, Martin Zeiringer (BUBEN&ZORWEG)

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