Biocase: It Is Pretty Much Indestructible!


When it comes to your suitcase, I know I am super picky about mine.  I want to make sure that it is super durable, will protect everything that I have in it and that it is safe!  In this day and age, you honestly can not be too safe and when you get yourself a suitcase that is not only super durable but also has a built in fingerprint coder?  That is a super cool suitcase!

This incredible Biocase is not out in stores just yet, but it is due to release this April and it is super futuristic and comes in to different sizes.  A briefcase size and then a larger size for business trips, no doubt will this suitcase become one of the most popular as soon as it comes out!

As far as pricing goes, I can pretty much guess that this suitcase is going to cost you a pretty penny, but there is nothing definite in the way of pricing just yet, so hold onto your horses!

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